Vanished Kingdoms – Eire

We are in the home stretch in Norman Davies‘ book Vanished Kingdoms. Sadly, the horse seems to be having an asthma attack and we are wheezing and puffing along at a snails pace.  Because this chapter is about Ireland…or England…or something.

Now, I admit to not following the daily news with intensity recently but I don’t recall that either Ireland or England have ‘vanished’.  And no, this isn’t about medieval Ireland that was conquered by the British way back when.  Pity.  It is all modern.

If you want a quick recapitulation of the vagaries of the relationship between the two countries, then read the chapter.  Having grown up in an era where the two sides were routinely in the news for today’s bombing here or shooting there means I am tired of the subject.

The link to the book’s theme seems to be that the loss of a conquered province is a harbinger of doom for the English nation.  Whether this is looked upon with dismay or delight is less clear.  And in either case, why not name the chapter “England”?