Grant’s Lieutenants – From Chattanooga to Appomattox

Edited by Stephen E. Woolworth

  • William T. Sherman – still the best friend and right hand man.
  • George H. Thomas – different kinds of fellows, but Thomas was hostile to Grant for some reason and it nearly cost him his command at the end of 1864.
  • George G. Meade – in contrast to Thomas, his willingness to work with Grant gained his trust and they made the best of a difficult situation.
  • Franz Sigel – a political general that was given a chance to work out, but failed and was replaced.
  • Benjamin Butler – an even more important political general, also given his chance and came up short.
  • Hunter, Lew Wallace, Wright – three commanders during Early’s July 1864 offensive that did little more than make Grant want to put Sheridan in charge.
  • Phil Sheridan – A protege that developed from decent Cavalry leader, to a battle general of some skill, and finally the hammer that crushed Lee in 1865.
  • E. O. C. Ord – a general repeatedly used by Grant as a ‘relief pitcher’ several times in the war, eventually with Sheridan cutting off Lee at Appomattox.
  • Henry Halleck – Grant’s “chief of staff” and respected partner, until after the war when Grant found out how Halleck stabbed him in the back in 1862.

Again a nice short book that still manages to open up some new and interesting insights into the command on the US side in the Civil War.  A nice pair of books.


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