Vanished Kingdoms – Rusyn

A short chapter in Norman Davies‘ Vanished Kingdoms.  Not a shock when you find that  this ‘nation’ lasted all of one day.  It was one of the fragments of Czechoslovakia that got swallowed up by Hungary.

He uses most of the chapter not on the history of the nation, but on trying to make intellectuals feel guilty.  He ties it (unconvincingly) to movies on ‘Ruritania‘, and to cultural bias. But since the bulk of this brief chapter is long quotes from the three or four western visitors to the region during the turnover rather than to actual residents, it seems that the pot is calling the kettle black.

Well I’m no intellectual, so I don’t see why this district, not nation, is elevated above the dozens if not hundreds of border districts that get tossed about like poker chips in the history of European power politics.  And Davies doesn’t sell me with a few pages padded out with opinion rather than history.


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