Reading Update – December

Picking up the pace a bit better…

  • The Collapse of the Third Republic – William Shirer‘s book on the fall of France, 1940.  complete, needs a write up
  • Path to Victory – Douglas Porch.  A book on the Med Front in WWII.  Some good information about the early days, even if he seems to skip about a lot.
  • Aetius – Biography of the Roman Generalissimo that defeated Atilla in 451 AD.
  • The Petersburg Campaign, Volume I – Ed Bearss.
  • The Wars against Napoleon – no progress – about two-thirds done.
  • Cats are Not Peas – A quick intro to Cat Genetics. – no progress, maybe a quarter way in.
  • The Treason of Isengard – more of the “History of Middle Earth”.  These ones on the actual Lord of the Rings are a bit more interesting than the others.  Also have The Return of the Shadow to write up.
  • Vanished Kingdoms – On Sabaudia.
  • Barbarossa Derailed II –  Glantz’ study of the 1941 Russian War.  Have plowed through a few more chapters.
  • Notable Trials IV – on the Riel Trial.  Not a lot left in the collection.
  • Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective by Arthur Reeve.  Still interesting.
  • Complete Works of H. P. Lovecraft – on Kindle
  • Am still listening to historical podcasts. I need to do a writeup about the good ones.

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