The War of the Jewels – J.R.R. Tolkien

I’ve been picking up the odd volume of “The History of Middle Earth“, which is a release of parts of the drafts and other papers from Tolkien published after his death.  I  wasn’t keen enough to get them new, but these days with a 5 dollar bookstore nearby and Amazon used books ready to send them for a very low cost, why not pick them up?

This book covers the latter half of the Silmarillion, which is the Tolkien book that most don’t like as much.  I did, since I am a history buff, and the big picture overview didn’t put me off like it might for some.  Also, it sure gives a different picture of the elves – not the wan, fading figures from Lord of the Rings, but the kind of folk that would tell their gods to shove it, walk to a new continent, betray each other, and then go and attack another god and his minions for a centuries just to get three jewels back.

In the main, I found this book interesting.  There are some new aspects revealed in it, but in a patchy way.  It isn’t a replacement for the Silmarillion, but a supplement.  I have another couple stored up to put in the queue next – one of the War of the Ring books.


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