Reading Update: November

A little slow these last weeks in finishing books…

  • The Collapse of the Third Republic – William Shirer‘s book on the fall of France, 1940.  My lunch walkabout book; and just reaching the lead up to the German attack.
  • Roman Conquests: Italy – finished.
  • The Wars against Napoleon – Still about two-thirds done.
  • Cats are Not Peas – A quick intro to Cat Genetics. Perhaps about a quarter way in.
  • War of the Jewels – A look into Tolkien’s notes for the Silmarillion.  Finished but not posted yet.
  • Vanished Kingdoms – Finished Aragon. On Litva.  Have a couple chapter backlog to write up.
  • Barbarossa Derailed II –  Glantz’ study of the 1941 Russian War.  My reading of it is still derailed!
  • Notable Trials IV – on Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.  Not a lot left in the collection.
  • Battle Studies by Du Picq.  – Finished.
  • Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective by Arthur Reeve.  Still interesting.  A lot of his detecting involves what would be today regarded as illegal wiretapping, I think.  But it is a CSI from the 1920s.
  • Kiev 1941 by Stahel.  A sequel to his Barbarossa book I read here.  Nearing completion.
  • Complete Works of H. P. Lovecraft – on Kindle
  • Also have downloaded some Kindle SF books from Baen and Gutenberg.  Laumer, Piper, and a couple others.  Some are still on the portable.
  • Also have started listening to some new historical podcasts.  I probably should post more about those.

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