Reading Update – October

It has been a while since I have done one of these updates giving what book I am in the middle of.  This is not the full list though.

  • The Collapse of the Third Republic – William Shirer‘s book on the fall of France, 1940.  I’ve just started, and he’s giving an overview of how well their government worked in the 1880s.  The answer is, not at all well.  This is my lunch walkabout book.
  • Roman Conquests: Italy – A book about the early wars of Rome.  Also just starting.
  • The Wars against Napoleon – A revisionist look at Old Nappy.  Has some interesting points, but probably takes its thesis a bit too far for the evidence.  Nappy was not really a pacifist.  About two-thirds done, but gets put aside a lot
  • Cats are Not Peas – A quick intro to Cat Genetics.  Also just starting.
  • War of the Jewels – A look into Tolkien’s notes for the Silmarillion.
  • Vanished Kingdoms – on Aragon.
  • Barbarossa Derailed II –  Glantz’ study of the 1941 Russian War.  My reading of it is also derailed!
  • Notable Trials IV – on Lincoln’s Assassins.  Not a lot left in the collection.
  • Battle Studies by Du Picq.  A famous tactics book from the 1800s on Kindle
  • A collection on Kindle of “Scientific Mysteries” whose name I forget. Kind of interesting.  I’ll get the name in full later.

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