Cryoburn – Lois McMaster Bujold


cryoburn (Photo credit: cdrummbks)

Cryoburn is the one of the latest Vorkosigan novels…well it is the latest I’ve read.  Years and Years ago I made a rule that I would wait for the small paperback versions of fiction books to save on cost, so new offerings are delayed considerably.

Is it a good book – absolutely.  The entire series is very good, mixing action, character, humor and some anguish in a way that makes the world seem real.  Things aren’t always easy and safe in this universe.

In this book, Miles Vorkosigan, Imperial Auditor – designated trouble sniffer and fixit man for the Emperor of Barrayar – is sent off to investigate a world that is heavily into cryogenics – freezing clients long-term until medicine can fix their problems.  They are expanding into Barrayar and the Empress smells something fishy.

Well, I’m not going to tell the story here – there’s some nifty figuring out to be done and some people in trouble to be helped out.  I actually like the fact that not all of the books in the series are about world-shattering clashes of armies and fleets – this series has avoided the ‘problem’ that the Harrington series has had where character growth has led the main character into a background position.  And this series has always been more about individual characters than about the actions even when the action is furious.


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