Reading Update – April

I was using the cool ‘dictionary’ style before but it is too hard to keep up!

Notable Historical Trials III – Now starting a chapter on the trials of King Louis XVII and Marie Antoinette. So far it is less of a trial than a badgering. Will not end well.

Duel of Eagles – This is a book about the Battle of Britain but so far it is giving a lot of details about the birth and development of the RAF and Luftwaffe.  If you want to read about Spitfires and Me109s, you might have to skip ahead.  If you want to find what it was like for these early aviation services, well, it is all in there.

1858  A critical year in the antebellum era as seen through participants. Chugging along through the Lincoln/Douglas debates.  It got demoted to my home walkabout book so progress is slow, due to bad weather.

Wings of War – Airborne Warfare 1918-1945  Very detailed overview of every airborne operation. Currently reading about the Soviet airborne operations in the early war. There’s a lot of ‘we had this plan, but only twenty planes to carry men in so it took a week to get everyone dropped’ happening.

America’s Civil War: The Operational Battlefield (1861-3) – I thought this was going to be different than it is. It is less a military study of campaigns than ‘yet another general war history’.  I have thus demoted it for a while and will pick it up later.

The Barbarian Invasions of the Roman Empire I – The Visigothic Empire – This is the first book in a set I bought from the Folio Society a few years back.  It traces the invasions of Italy even after the fall of Rome, to the Franks of Charlemagne’s time in 8 volumes.

Kindle Books – Having read the Challenger and Verne books, I started into the John Carter of Mars series.

Fiction – Re-reading Flint/Drake’s Belisarius series, am on book three. I need to catch up on posting about the others.


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