The Lost World – Arthur Conan Doyle

Another old classic on Kindle for virtually nothing!  In this romp Edward Malone, who wants to do something important and manly to impress the lovely Gladys, is sent to meet the violent Professor Challenger, who has a tendency to beat up reporters.  Challenger says he has proof of a plateau in South America where extinct animals still live, but others scoff at the evidence, which drives him berserk.

After a rocky start Malone actually makes friends with the unstable Challenger, and joins the expedition to prove or disprove the evidence. The others on the trip are Lord John Roxton, adventurer, and rival Professor Summerlee.  The three are joined surprisingly by Challenger himself and the four go to find the “Lost World”.

They find a way onto the inaccessible plateau but are trapped, and then have a difficult time with the dinosaurs, a race of ape-men, and even the friendly natives who don’t want them to leave.

This is a nice adventure story, and very amusing – it doesn’t take itself very seriously at all.  Challenger’s huge ego and bombast is played for laughs, and I did find more fun in that the only way the other two men could get the Professors out of bickering with each other is to mention a third Professor that they could both revile together!

In the end, the four have fame, fortune (Roxton finds diamonds and splits the take), but not love, as Gladys went and married an accountant, instead of the hero and world-changing man she told Malone she wanted.


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