When the Tide Rises – David Drake

In this installment of the RCN series, recovering from the last operation on the homeworld isn’t all it is cracked up to be.  Leary is embarrassed by a popular play that was published about the secret.  Adele is troubled about how the producers managed to get actual recordings from her ship, and then receives a refugee claiming to be a relative of her old teacher.  Refugee or assassin?

So it comes as more than the usual relief when a new assignment comes – this time to try to disrupt a region of space to draw away forces blockading a Cinnabar fleet.  Without aid, the planet will fall and the fleet destroyed.

Although being made an Admiral seems nice, when most of your sponsors are trading with the enemy it makes life difficult. But Leary is ready to drag them into the fight, like it or not – even if it means fooling them into a raid on the Alliance home planet!


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