Some Golden Harbor – David Drake

In this installment of the RCN series, Leary and Adele are sent on the Princess Cecile, Leary’s private yacht, alone to stop the Alliance-backed attempt to invade Dunbar’s World.  With most of their allies as well as all of their enemies ready to stop them, it seems like a hopeless task.

The key is the base on Dunbar’s World, which is packed with troops and defended by plasma cannon and anti-ship missles.  The only ship that can land is the scheduled resupply ship…so the only thing to do is to invade the invader’s home planet to steal the ship!

And then the real problems start…

This book throws the book at you in terms of adventure.  From rescuing a ‘damsel’ in distress, to ending slavery on a planet, the good guys put everything to rights even though they are pretty rough around the edges themselves.  And in Drake style, even winning can be very costly and messy.



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