The Way to Glory – David Drake

This is the fourth book in the RCN series.  In it, Leary and Adele have a new challenge to meet besides enemy fleets – Leary is put under the command of a paranoid captain who spaced a well-connected midshipman for mutiny on his last voyage.  The RCN is hoping that Leary’s popularity will balance the hatred of Captain Slidell, and that the rioting that broke out when he was acquitted will calm down when both are dispatched on a mission to a far distant system.

Just to make matters more interesting, there is a leak to the Alliance somewhere in the system that Adele must find and stop, Leary is charged by his father to get revenge, since the midshipman was a half-brother of his, and Leary must also rescue captive citizens to rescue from a barbaric planet and stop an Alliance invasion with an obsolete ship and a sullen crew, led by a crazed paranoid.

All in a day’s work!


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