The Far Side of the Stars – David Drake

This is the third installment of the RCN series, and it is another good one.  I have been reading faster than I have been updating these posts lately, so I have a backlog.

Peace has broken out unexpectedly, and Leary is out of work, and his ship is sold out of the RCN to a pair of rich outlanders looking for adventure in a rarely visited part of the galaxy.  The Count likes hunting and gambling, while the Countess likes primitive cultures – but this is just a front in their search for a fabulous diamond lost for 60 years. In addition, the secret service wants Adele Mundy, gun-toting librarian, to look for any sign of Alliance infiltration.  And you can’t go in that direction without visiting the Oracle of the Tree, which can actually give dreams that predict the future with accuracy.

If fighting dragons on a primitive planets or angry sailors cheated at cards from an Alliance spy ship isn’t enough, well, they find that the Alliance is about to start the war up by taking the cluster by surprise, and there is only the tiny Princess Cecile to stop them by starting the war first!


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