Lt. Leary, Commanding – David Drake

This is the second book in the RCN series. Lt. Daniel Leary and his signals officer cum spy Adele Mundy are thrown into power politics in what should be a simple spy mission.  The goal is to have Adele find out if the reluctant ally planet Strymon is intriguing with the enemy. Sounds simple.

But then Delos Vaughn, usurped heir to the rule of Strymon, is ordered aboard to come along. Are these orders genuine, or fake? Adding to the complication is that Daniel earns the enmity of his Admiral with his shiphandling, and is ordered to a cold and remote base instead of the Strymon – where he finds an enemy fleet preparing to conquer Strymon and destroy the RCN squadron…

The plot of this book feels like those dreams you have where you are trying to get to school and things just keep going more and more wrong..except there is a big space battle at the end of it.  I didn’t even mention the  assassination plot, or being marooned on an unexplored continent, and pirates – two sets, actually.

Drake puts more action into his books than just about anyone.  Be warned that it all isn’t the ‘bad guy clutches his chest and falls off camera’ variety. Drake likes realism.


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