Torch of Freedom – David Weber/Eric Flint

This science fiction book is the most recent one in one of the branches in the Honorverse books, which involve the planet Torch and its fight against the evil Manpower slavers. It gives a lot of illumination to the background of the main sequence of books, but like some of the current set suffers a little bit from the ‘three or four people discussing current events’ exposition style rather than giving background through action or events.  When the characters do leave the conference rooms, thing are well paced.

It is a good book if you are into the series, less so if you are unfamiliar with the world or events.  I have read all the books and even I was getting a little lost with the planets Maya (good) and Mesa (bad).

The overall storyline is winding up the large war between Manticore and Haven, and a new and larger war looms ahead against the slavers, genetic manipulators and their tools in the huge and wealthy Solarian League.  So perhaps the overall pace will pick up in future books.


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