Reading Update – all Navy

I started “Neptune’s Inferno” on the US Navy at Guadalcanal in WWII.   Pretty interesting so far although it’s just starting out.  I’m in the middle of the Battle of Savo Island, where the Japanese smashed our cruiser fleet, sinking three or four.  The US caught the Japanese off guard by snatching the island from them in August 1942, but somehow were not ready for this counterstroke.

I’m almost done with the first volume in Bearss’ Vicksburg trilogy. Grant has abandoned his attempts to bypass the city via digging canals, or cutting passages through swamps to make a supply line around the city. Before starting the late April movement, he is skipping back to the USN’s attempt to interfere with the supply of the town by cutting off river traffic.  Admiral Porter sent a ram ship, the “Queen of the West” through the fire of the city to the river below, where it took a number of ships captive.  The captain of the steamer, Captain Ellet, has just sailed up the Red River into a trap, where a disloyal pilot has grounded his ships under fire – the Queen was lost, and a second ship as well. The crew are fleeing in a captured boat, assuming the Confederate Navy will be chasing them.

I’m at the point where they have found Porter has sent an ironclad, the Indianola, below to help them and they have joined forces. Well, actually, the Indianola is a force, since Ellet only has his crew and an unarmed vessel now.

Have the tables turned? Or will the Confederates manage to keep the USN on the run? Or are they even chasing them?  Excitement!!


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