The GreenHill Dictionary of Military Quotations

When it rains, it pours!  I just finished this ‘bathroom reader’ book that I got as a present a few year back. Its edited by Peter Tsouras, and consists of quotations  throughout history, separated into subjects, and the subjects alphabetized.

This makes it pretty good for quick reading sessions, as you can go a half page at a time without losing anything. I’ve used ‘whos who’ type books that were throwins from my book club the same way.

I’m not sure its worth a full price purchase, unless you really need to namedrop quotes on varied military subject to impress the chicks.

The book promoted into its place is the Red Fairy Book throwin. This won’t be as easy to go through a page at a time, but such is life. It will be kind of a jolt – the fairy tale book has a lot more blood and violence in it.


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