Medieval Civilisation – Jacques LeGoff

I finished one of my “walkabout” books – books I read while walking to lunch / at lunch / out to dinner.  It went pretty quickly, even when taken in small doses.

The book is less a book about the geopolitics of Europe in this age, or military events, than it is a social and psychological view of Middle Age man and his view of himself, his place in the world, and the relationship of the classes and social groups.  This said, it still held my interest, and I could use some more information about what went on. This era is not my strong point by any stretch.

I also appreciated that it looked at the world then through its own prism rather than slapping a Marxist or modern worldview on and papering over any bulges or cracks in the picture made.

It’s another in the line of good history books I’ve gotten through the Folio Society. The problem is, the supply is starting to run a little thin. They are leather-bound, with a form-fitting sleeve, and look nice on the shelf.  So far I don’t think I’ve had an awful volume. Thinking it over, the sequel to “Origins of WWII” by AJP Taylor was probably the most lacking. The Origins book was good.


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